Wavlink AERIAL X Not Showing Internet Access. What to Do?


Is your Wavlink AERIAL X extender not giving out WiFi signals? If you need to connect to the web in a hurry, try the tips enlisted in this write-up. Let’s begin.

Fixed: Wavlink AERIAL X Not Showing Internet Access

The Internet Service Provider may be reached at. Verify first that everything is working properly on the end of your Internet service provider. If everything seems OK, we can go on to further Wavlink WiFi extender troubleshooting advice:

Fix 1: Restart Your Wavlink AERIAL X

If you are having trouble logging into your network or connecting to the internet through WiFi, trying restarting the AERIAL X extender may be all that’s needed. To do this, please power down and disconnect any electronic gadgets. Just turn the power back on after some time has passed. See whether you can access the Internet now that you have fixed your connection. We certainly do. If not, then go on to the next section.

Fix 2: Ping Your Wavlink Extender

If none of the preceding solutions are helping, try pinging your Wavlink AERIAL X extender’s IP address.

  • To accomplish this, click Start on your PC, and then click Run.
  • Get there by entering CMD into the box and clicking OK.
  • Type IPConfig into the black command box that appears and hit Enter.
  • The default gateway’s IP address will become visible.
  • The IP address should be pingable after you reach the destination.

Fix 3: Verify Power Supply

There might be an issue with the power supply or connection if your extender isn’t responding. Therefore, glance at the power socket that is performing the duty of supplying electricity to your AERIAL X. If it’s not working well, use another one. Also, ensure that all devices are properly connected through wired or wireless means.

Are you still having this problem? Aw, shucks! There’s no need to let this dampen your spirits! Even additional solutions to the WiFi not functioning problem are available here.

Additional Fixes: AERIAL X Not Showing Internet Access

1. Set Up the Extender Properly

Verify that you have done WavlinkWiFi extender setup correctly. Even if you know a thousand hacks, you won’t be able to go online if your setting is wrong. In case you forget how you set up your AERIAL X, all you have to do is reset it and start again.

We recommend reading the Wavlink AERIAL X Manual to get a sense of the big picture and prevent any problems with the extender configuration. The extender setup might be difficult to grasp, thus it’s recommended that you take the help of the user manual.

Quick Tip: Be sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of your preferred web browser software before trying to visit the Wavlink login screen. If your web browser isn’t up-to-date, you should switch to one that is or upgrade it.

2. Place the Extender Properly

Keep anything that might disrupt your WiFi signal far from your extender. Either move your extender or your other gadgets to a more distant spot to do this. Your WiFi signal strength may decrease if your home has concrete walls, flooring, fish tanks, reflective items, or electronic devices.

3. Bring Extender Close to Router

You may forget about connecting your Wavlink AERIAL X to the internet if it is located in a room far from the host AP (modem). The reason for this is that background noise interferes with their ability to communicate with one another. The issue may be solved by placing the modem and router closer together.

Where did it go, exactly? Still having problems connecting to the internet with your Wavlink WiFi extender? It would seem that you have positioned your WiFi equipment too closely together. Keep in mind that this might cause interference with their WiFi transmissions. Therefore, keep a safe distance between your WiFi gadgets at all times.

Following these instructions, your Wavlink AERIAL X extender should be back online in no time. Now, you can do Wavlink login and customize your extender settings to improve the online experience.

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Wavlink AERIAL X Not Showing Internet Access. What to Do?

Is your Wavlink AERIAL X extender not giving out...
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