Top Websites That Are Developed To Brighten Up Your Sad Days


Do you feel upset, sad, and depressed every time you switch on the news channel? Do you feel down in the dumps every time your family, friends, or colleagues discuss world matters and the environmental crisis? While you may not be able to resolve such complex issues on your own, in multiple ways you can improve the level of happiness and peace in your life. Instead of keeping up with the news all the time, why not just limit an hour to watching the news, so it doesn’t spike up your blood pressure levels?

While you can watch some of the most inspirational movies on your service provider’s TV and Internet packages as a lovely pick-me-up, there are several ways through which you can enhance your mood and boost your energy levels. One, is by investing in an internet service that’s glitch-free, even from the occasional ones. Simply visit BuyTVInternetPhone and find a service that’s speedy and highly reliable. And two, via these top positive news’ websites. Read on to find more about websites that were developed specifically to brighten up your day!

Website #1: The Optimist Daily

The Optimist Daily is more about the good news that’s ‘here and now. This website aims to be an outlet of positivity and optimism, where readers are always greeted with a piece of good news, which will instantly bring a smile to their faces. While other such feel-good websites are all about a slower form of journalism, this website aims to minimize negativity and the toxic language culture, that we use for ourselves and others. So one will instantly feel as if they are reading pieces from a self-help book, that’s more like a warm hug.

Additionally, this website informs its audience that they are by no means ‘an alternative for mainstream news coverage’. However, this doesn’t mean that one should give up reading the daily news altogether. The Optimist Daily just wants everybody to start their day with an optimistic solution-based mindset. This is a free website, thanks to its subscribers, who are called Emissaries.

Website #2: Uplifting News (Subreddit)

Reddit is known as one of the top forums, where you will find all pieces of advice, opinions, and recommendations, whether it’s about buying something for the powder room to the latest gaming cellphone. Hence, one might be quite surprised to find a subreddit in this space as this does not conventionally share the good news with its readers. Since the website is known for all kinds of controversies, surprisingly its lesser-known ‘happy news factor’ makes it to this list for a change. The subreddit titled ‘Uplifting News Subreddit’ is defined as ‘one place where viewers can read and share a diverse variety of positive news stories that will instantly uplift one’s mood and spirits. Although this subreddit was launched somewhere in 2012, the community is astonishingly 16.8 million strong. Kudos to the moderators, who have ensured over the years that the feel-good USP of the community, keeps the discussion centered on the happy news. However, there have been times when the discussion has ventured off in less desirable territory, users have smartly stayed on track and not resorted to squabbling with other members.

Website #3: Happy News

This newspaper, published every trimestral, by British author/illustrator, Emily Coxhead is among the top newspapers in the region for good news. Inaugurated in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter drive, this 32-page magazine/newspaper is an awesome alternative for good news, especially when you want to take a break from all that online activity.

Available for readers on a minimal monthly subscription fee, all news pieces are chronologically organized per month, with each news piece focusing on a particularly happy news item. One section that stands out in this journal is ‘Everyday Heroes’, which tells stories of ordinary folk doing acts of bravery and inspiration in their daily life while proving to be nothing less than the superheroes one reads in popular fiction. These ordinary men and women are nominated by the readers, who want these stories to spread out far and wide. This magazine/newspaper can also be given as a gift to a loved one and readers also have the option to ship the periodical anywhere in the world.

Website #4:Positive News

This is considered to be one of the most prominent websites, which features good news only. Positive News is UK-based and founded back in 1993, intending to deliver independent positive news stories to the world. This kind of writing is called ‘constructive journalism’ as it doesn’t center on negative or conflict-ridden headlines. Instead, such journalists focus on presenting happy news to their target audience. However, while it is essentially an online quarterly publication, their 2015 crowdfunding campaign, #OwnTheMedia, by the company intended to turn this digital publication, into a model, that made around 1,500 of its readers, co-owner of Positive News. Although this was quite unusual, it allowed the publication, close to the vision and mission of the company.


Watching the daily news is fine but if it starts to overwhelm people because of its extreme negativity, then that’s a problem. That’s why, one should always search for alternative options, that will erase that bad taste of negativity. Simply following good news websites or websites that are designed to cheer up their audiences are highly recommended, especially when the world has become unbearably toxic for one to survive.

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