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Let’s commence with a few queries that we may want to be answered initially. Are you working on setting up an Amped extender but failing every time? Are you unable to access the website? We are certain that after reading this article thoroughly, you will be able to pinpoint and address the specific issue with your Wireless extender. Not only this, but the Amped extender setup process will also become a piece of cake for you. Stay connected to the reading.

What should you do if you get an issue when accessing Know that quitting the website right after getting the error is not the solution. Remember that is not a typical website that people visit on a daily basis. Instead, it is a local web domain (URL) that will take you to your Amped range extender admin panel. However, keep in mind that it is essential to connect your router to the Amped extender, either wirelessly or by cable.

Different Login Errors

When you approach the login page, you may get the following error messages:

  • ‘Page cannot be shown’ or ‘You are not connected to a network’ in Microsoft Edge.

  • ‘Unable to connect to the internet,’ says Google Chrome.

  • ‘Server not found’ in Mozilla Firefox.

  • ‘Can’t locate the server,’ says Apple Safari.

So you now know which error message you will get if you are not able to access the admin page of your extender via its default web URL i.e. To view the Amped administrative page without difficulty, ensure that a wired or wireless connection exists between the router and the extender.

Basic Fixes – Login Issues

  • The majority of people type into the search field rather than the URL bar. Keep in mind that during the Amped setup, you must put the URL in the top bar of your web browser.

  • To ensure an ongoing internet connection, connect your wireless range extender to your home WiFi router using an Ethernet cable.

  • Use the most recent and up-to-date web browsers at all times. The majority of experts suggest Google Chrome for Windows and Safari for Mac.

  • Place your WiFi range extender in a clean and well-ventilated area.

Advanced Fixes – Login Issues

Follow the instructions below to resolve any Amped wireless login difficulties when configuring your Amped WiFi range extender:

  • Check the internet connection.

  • Visit the IP address of your Amped range extender.

  • Give your device (computer or laptop) a fixed IP address.

  • Connect the range extender to an electrical outlet.

  • Make sure you’ve included the right web URL.

  • Check that the Ethernet wire you’re using isn’t cracked or damaged.

  • Reboot your Amped WiFi extender and wait for the LEDs to become solid.

  • Connect your WiFi range extender to your router using an Ethernet connection.

  • Remove all prior web browser history, cache files, cookies, and trash files.

  • If you are still having the pain in head due to inability to access the login web page, close the web browser and try again.

  • Examine the power LEDs to ensure that your wireless range extender is getting enough power.

  • During the setup procedure, position your wireless range extender in the same room as your WiFi router.

Still Facing Login Issues?

After trying the basic and advanced Amped wireless troubleshooting techniques highlighted in the above sections, the issue login issues will say goodbye forever. However, if you’re still facing issues with the login procedure, we would like to make you aware of the ultimate hack i.e. resetting the range extender.

Thus, without further ado, locate the Reset button on your extender unit and consider pressing it. Wait patiently and let your extender get back to its initial configuration. Right after that, access the login window and re-install your Amped range extender.

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