Thorough Guide to Change Wavlink 300Mbps Extender Password


Is it a priority for you to make your Wavlink WiFi 300Mbps extender more secure? Willing to take precautions to keep it safe from cybercriminals? If this is the case, you need to alter the password for the Wavlink WiFi booster. If you need assistance changing your extender login password, this article is for you. However, if you own a Wavlink router too, it is advised that you change the default Wavlink router login password. It will double the security of your home network. Let’s not waste any time and get you through this together.

Steps to Change Wavlink Extender Password

  1. Power Up the Extender

Connect your Wavlink repeater to an outlet. A good wall plug is one that has never been damaged by a short circuit. You should also ensure that the extender has a snug fit in the wall outlet. Launch your extender by pressing the on button.

  1. Join Router and Extender

Connecting the Wavlink N300 extender to the primary router will provide access to the extender’s configuration page. Obtain an Ethernet cable and use it to link the gadgets together. If you’re having trouble getting your wireless extender and router to talk to each other, try moving them closer together. Take care to maintain a steady connection.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer

To enter the WiFi range extender’s administrative interface, use a web browser on your computer. Select a browser that has been recently updated. If you don’t do it this way, you could get a different outcome. Also, make sure it’s compatible with the OS you’re running.

  1. Type in the Default Web Address

The setup page is where you’ll go if you want to modify the password for your WiFi range extender. You’ll need the default Wavlink WiFi 300Mbps extender’s URL for that. Go to your preferred web browser and type in the address. Be sure you enter the URL into the browser’s address bar. Furthermore, make sure there are no typos in any part of the procedure.

  1. Log in to the Extender

Pressing Enter will take you to the extender sign-in screen. There you may input the WiFi username and password. To access the Wavlink WiFi 300Mbps extender, just input your previous password. You need to get the extender’s user manual in order to learn the extender’s default username and password.

  1. Put in the Default Password

There are a few things you need to know before inputting the login credentials. For starters, make sure you don’t make any typos while typing. Second, remember to always off the Caps Lock feature. The password and login name is case-sensitive. You should thus take great care to avoid making any errors while logging in.

  1. Create the New Password

To access the extender configuration page, choose Setup from the main menu. You have access to three input fields for this purpose. You must input the previous password in the first field. Additionally, a new password is required. The previous password has to be re-entered in the last field. You should always remember to disable Caps Lock.

After you have finished updating your Wavlink 300Mbps extender password, click the Apply option. Your customizations will be preserved. Wavlink extender reboots may be required. Carry out the necessary steps.

To Sum Up

Therefore, if you want to increase the security of your WiFi extender, you need to do more than simply change the default password. You should also keep a close check on the repeater firmware if you want to keep your Wavlink extender safe. Get the most recent update for your extender’s firmware by going to the Wavlink firmware update download website. Only grab the most recent version.

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