Should I Use 5GHz or 2.4GHz for My Wavlink Extender?


Should I employ 5GHz or 2.4GHz Bandwidths for my Wavlink WiFi range extender? Confused? Not to fret, people! We will assist you. 5GHz is a wonderful concept since every wireless gadget; including microwaves, keyboards, mouse, headsets, speakers, and even other smart devices, use 2.4GHz. In the post, we do our finest to explain the difference between the 5GHz WiFi range and the 2.4GHz WiFi range. So, let’s get started.

Bigger Picture – 5GHz or 2.4GHz

Numerous individuals inquired, “Should I utilize 5GHz or 2.4GHz?” Some claim that utilizing 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrently during setup is only an example of the “placebo effect.”

In some circumstances, 5GHz WiFi range is superior to 2.4GHz WiFi range. There are a number of reasons why 2.4GHz WiFi may function better than 5GHz WiFi. The difference in performance between 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi ranges are highly dependent on the network in which they are utilized.

Back When WiFi First Appeared

There were two WiFi variants from which to choose:

  • 802.11a

  • 802.11b

From the perspective of the user, there was no change between these two WiFi range versions. WiFi devices based on 802.11b were less priced and more accessible than those based on 802.11a.

Therefore, 802.11b WiFi gadgets immediately became the most popular among consumers. Essentially, 802.11b runs in the 2.4GHz WiFi frequency band. However, users often face issues while accessing the ap.setup Wavlink login page. In order to combat radio frequency interference, 5GHz WiFi has made reappearance in the present day, which is becoming more congested.

5GHz WiFi Range – 802.11a

In 1999, 802.11a was released with the promise of establishing wireless communication between network devices. It was designed around the 5GHz WiFi frequency but failed to attract commercial interest.

2.4GHz WiFi Range – 802.11b

When 802.11a was experiencing “growing pains,” the 802.11b standard was being developed. It had the same capabilities as 802.11a, but with cheaper and more accessible components. Due to these factors, 802.11b was accepted by home and small business users.

Pros & Cons of 5GHz WiFi Spectrum


  • It has a much greater wireless bandwidth than the 2.4GHz WiFi spectrum.

  • It can link more than eight network devices to a single network.

  • Common wireless devices such as microwaves, Bluetooth, and cordless phones do not use the 5GHz WiFi frequency band. Therefore, there will be little or no interference with the bandwidth.


  • It has a shorter range than 2.4GHz WiFi devices.

  • It is more costly than 2.4GHz WiFi devices.

  • Because it is a newer wireless network standard and more expensive, fewer devices support this frequency.

How to Configure Wavlink Extender for 5GHz WiFi Band?

  • Connect your Wavlink range extender to the router using an Ethernet wire.

  • Connect your Wavlink extender to an electrical outlet now.

  • Turn on your PC and launch your preferred web browser.

  • Navigate to the website.

  • You will be sent to the Wavlink extender setup page.

  • Enter the login passcode for the extender and click the “Login” button.

  • Select WiFi.

  • Click the option for 5GHz.

  • Lastly, select the Save button.

That is all! You have completed installation after accessing the Wavlink WiFi extender login portal. Check internet connection by connecting your device to the Wavlink WiFi extender.


Have you finished configuring your Wavlink wireless device? Now, the next step towards obtaining it must be taken. Else, anybody may compromise with the extender’s security. However, after changing the password, use the new one for reaching the extender’s web GUI. However, resetting the password for the extender is not the only action that needs be taken after setting up the extender. Additionally, you must change its SSID and upgrade its firmware.

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