Not Working? Reasons & Their Fixes


Plenty of times users try to access Amped extender default URL and fail. Have you ever faced the same? Did you try to gather information regarding the same ever? No? Well, you should. In case you fall short of the reasons behind not working issue, we are here to help you.

Apart from pointing out the reasons, we will further assist you to fix the issues. So, without further delay, let’s move ahead. Read on.

Fix: Not Working Issue

Incorrect URL

Did you check the web address you entered in the web browser? Was it correct? Were there any typing errors? If so, you will face not working issue. Want to resolve it? Well, you can do that by simply removing the errors in the web address.

We urge you to be careful while typing in the web address. Make sure you don’t commit errors when you enter the URL in haste. Furthermore, the location of the web address entry should be the address bar and not the search bar.

Technical Glitches

Online technical glitches are the worst reasons behind the not working issue. Why? Well, at first, you don’t know the exact reason. Hence, resolving the issue becomes extremely difficult. Further, you are lost about whether the issue is from your Amped WiFi extender or website backend.

What to do then? Well, the first troubleshooting tip will be to reboot your device. That is, disconnect your wireless devices from the extender connection, unplug the device, and wait for some time. After waiting, replug and restart the range extender. It might resolve the issue.

Slow Interference

Internet Service Provider (ISP) can have plenty of backend issues. These can result in a slow internet connection. The worst-case scenario offers internet fluctuations. Therefore, you get internet not strong enough to access the default URL of your range extender.

So, get in touch with your service provider. Know the reasons behind the issue. If it can be resolved, you need to wait. Otherwise, get your ISP changed by the end of the day.

Outdated Web Browser

Do you know that the web browser you are using can be a major reason why you are facing not working issue? That’s right! It happens because the used web browser might be outdated. Thus, the browser does not support new features or responsive web pages.

Therefore, your website is not supported by your web browser. In that case, you will have to update your web browser. For instance, you need to update the browser version. If that seems impossible, just download the new web browser. However, always choose the compatible web browser.

Inadequate Distance between Devices

Let’s assume you have a faster and more stable internet connection. If in that situation, you face the issue, you need to follow this Amped wireless troubleshooting tip. But before that, let’s know the reason. That is, the distance between your devices is not adequate. It could be too less or too far.

So, let’s first choose a sweet spot to place your range extender. Make sure you have a rough idea about the range of your host router. Depending on that, you can easily move your Amped WiFi extender to ensure it gets internet access.


Implementing the troubleshooting tips given above will resolve the issue you are facing. Once the access is established, you need to go for Amped wireless firmware update. It will further ensure the security and efficiency of your WiFi range extender. With that, your device will stay up to date and won’t be bait for online threats. After that, you can log in to your device and modify its wireless settings.

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