Secure Your Wavlink WiFi Network with These 5 Tips


Millions rely on Wavlink networking devices to stay updated with changes in the digital age. Many of them use Wavlink WiFi networks for online banking, paying credit cards, chatting with dear ones, booking a hotel room, and many more. If you are also among those netizens, then we would like to appreciate you for taking the advantage of the technology.

But, have you ever thought that your Wavlink WiFi network can be a playground for unauthorized users. Let’s be clearer. Even a small loophole in your Wavlink WiFi network can give hackers a chance to spy on all devices accessing your network. The situation can worsen if the hacker gets access to your online banking details. Sounds scary? Well, it won’t happen to you. The only thing you have to do is to follow the tips mentioned in this post. Continue reading.

How to Secure Wavlink WiFi Network?

  1. Change Login Password

Changing the default Wavlink login password is the first thing that will help you secure your WiFi network. Note that the default login password of your Wavlink WiFi device can be easily guessed by someone. So, it will never be a good idea to run your Wavlink device on the default admin password.

The login password of your Wavlink device can be changed via or ap.setup. However, it is advised to set a strong admin password for your Wavlink device so that unauthorized users won’t even think to crack it.

  1. Encrypt the Data of Your Wavlink Network

Being in the techno-digital era doesn’t mean that only hackers have high-tech knowledge. You can prevent their wardriving or wireless sniff attacks by changing the encryption standard of the data transmitted using your Wavlink network.

The encryption standard can also be changed by accessing the web-based management utility of the device. For the encryption with the latest features, go for the WPA2 or WPA3 standard.

  1. Change WiFi Password

Like the default Wavlink login password, the device’s WiFi password also makes the network vulnerable to attacks. Know that the WiFi password is the key to accessing the Wavlink network. And, you never want to compromise the security of your home network. Right?

So, without any delay, consider changing the default WiFi password of your Wavlink device. To change the router WiFi password, you need to access the Wavlink router login page. However, the extender’s password can be changed by accessing the Wavlink extender login page. The Wavlink WiFi password also needs to be strong.

  1. Update Your Wavlink Device

Firmware updates bring new functions and fix bugs and errors. But, only a handful of users are aware of the fact that firmware updates help enhance the Wavlink device’s security too. They add security features to your Wavlink device that safeguards the WiFi network later on.

Updating the firmware of Wavlink devices is not rocket science. One needs to download the firmware update file, access the Wavlink WiFi dashboard, and upload it on their devices. Their devices will get updated within a short time.

  1. Protect the Wavlink WiFi Name

When we say Wavlink WiFi name, it means the SSID. The SSID of your Wavlink WiFi device is another factor that lures unauthorized users. Its visibility to every other person within the street is a poor idea.

Thus, you should consider protecting the SSID of your Wavlink device. For this, you need to disable the SSID broadcast of your Wavlink extender or router by accessing the ap setup wavlink wizard.


After taking the above-mentioned precautions, you will be able to secure your Wavlink WiFi network. In case you are aware of another security tip, do share it with other users in the comment section.

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