Secrets to Increase the Life of Your Boiler’s EPDM Gaskets


Gaskets are the seal of boilers and every hot water system. They are used wherever manholes and handholes are provided for inspection. Gaskets prevent leakage where there are possible gaps and exhaust ducting. Thus, despite the small size, it is a crucial part of any heating system. Even a minor problem in the gasket can cause big trouble. Leakage in hot water systems, exhaust gas, or steam can be highly dangerous and increase system operation costs. Whether your system has EPDM Gaskets or any other brand, it is crucial to inspect and replace them often. They should be replaced at least once a year. 

Boiler Gasket Material

The fireside of the boiler is usually sealed with gaskets made of fiberglass or tape. Both of these materials can hold temperatures over 1000°F. Another material to consider is a graphite foil, which is shaped into a spiral wound gasket. 

For the waterside of the boiler, consider EPDM Gaskets that can bear steam. They should further be strong to hold internal pressure, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to water treatment chemicals. 

While choosing gaskets, remember that elastomeric material can get oxidized when exposed to oxygen and heat. EPDM Gaskets make a good choice, considering these factors.

Maximizing EPDM Gaskets Life Expectancy

Boiler servicing can be expensive. To avoid the big inconvenience of a leaking system, gaskets need to have a durable life. Here are some tips to maximize their life. 

  • Do not consider any home-picked seal suitable for boiler seals. Always purchase premium quality gaskets from renowned brands like EPDM Gaskets. 
  • Before sealing manholes and handholes, clean their surface correctly. The gasket should touch the metal surface, not the old seal’s grease, scale, or corrosion. 
  • Do not use any glue, anti-seize compounds, or sealants on the gasket. It can reduce friction on the metal surface and lead to the gasket slipping when the joint is tightened.   
  • Place the gasket in the center of the flange to ensure that clamping loads haven’t unevenly spread. Avoiding this factor may result in high and low loads that can affect the gasket’s life and promote leakage. 
  • Ensure that the EPDM gasket has maximum protection against the atmosphere. It can get oxidized when exposed to hot air. A protective shield can also be used to avoid oxidation. 
  • High temperatures and pressure can minimize the life of gaskets. 
  • Avoid using old used gaskets. 

Wrapping up

It is better to invest some time and maintenance in gaskets than to bear boiler servicing charges. Replace the seals at once a year to ensure their long life and best performance. 

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