Resolving Intermittent WiFi Speed Issue with Victony Extender


Are you experiencing intermittent WiFi speed issue with your Victony range extender? Well, that’s unfortunate. But, you’ve got lucky as you’ve stumbled up on this post. Here, we will make you acquainted with key tactics to resolve the intermittent WiFi speed issue with Victony WiFi extender  So, let’s get going.

Fixed: Victony Extender Intermittent WiFi Speed Issue

Fix 1 – Improve the Extender-Router Connection

You might be struggling with the intermittent WiFi speed of Victony extender if it does not share steady connection with the host router. FYI, the connection between your WiFi devices needs to be strong at every cost. However, it totally depends on the source of connection used.

  • Wireless Source: If a wireless source has been used to connect your devices, then ensure a proper distance separates them. The term “proper distance” means neither too much nor too less.
  • Wired Source: If we say a wired source, it means that the Ethernet cable has been used to establish a connection between the Victony extender and the host router. For a stable wired connection, always use a non-damaged network cable. Furthermore, ensure that the Ethernet connection is finger-tight.

Fix 2 – Update the Firmware

Firmware being the governing software of the Victony extender controls its overall activity. To keep your extender’s performance at top-notch, you need to update the firmware timely. But, it seems that you didn’t pay heed to the pending firmware update of the extender. So, update the firmware of your extender without wasting much time.

The firmware update process can be carried out by accessing the Victony setup  wizard. However, you need to take care of the fact that the firmware file needs to be downloaded as per the model number of the Victony extender model you own. Downloading the incorrect firmware file exposes your Victony range extender to issues more dangerous than the one you’re already facing.

Fix 3 – Change the Extender’s Location

The WiFi signals emitted by your Victony extender are nothing but electromagnetic waves that fill every corner of your house with a super-fast internet connection. But, the extender’s WiFi signals can be easily blocked or diverted if there is interference present in their paths. Therefore, if you’ve placed your Victony WiFi extender in a WiFi interference zone, it is time to change its location.

While changing the extender’s location, ensure that it is not being placed in corners or near thick concrete walls. Additionally, the extender must be away from reflexive surfaces, metal objects, devices emitting radio waves, and utensils carrying a large amount of water. Placing the Victony extender in the central location of the house will work wonders for you as it will facilitate the equal distribution of WiFi signals.

Fix 4 – Change the WiFi Channel

Sometimes, the intermittent WiFi speed is a result of a congested wireless channel on your Victony extender is operating. It is because the WiFi signals of the extender struggle to pass through a congested WiFi channel.

To get rid of the issue at hand, it is recommended that you switch to another WiFi channel by accessing the Victony WiFi extender setup  wizard. However, ensure that you select the wireless channel that is least crowded.

Fix 5 – Set Up the Extender Properly

Last, but not least, your Victony extender might also deliver intermittent WiFi speeds if it is not installed properly. In that scenario, you have to get your extender configured properly.

But, before that, you need to reset the extender. Worry not! It is not a cumbersome process. All you have to find and press the Reset button on your Victony range extender. Once done, access the Victony login page and set up your extender again.

Final Words

After you set up Victony WiFi extender  again, check if you are still getting intermittent WiFi speeds. If not, then congratulations. You did excellent troubleshooting. Thanks for reading the post.

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