Reasons Why Attending Comedy Shows Is  Always A Good Idea

Reasons Why Attending Comedy Shows Is Always A Good Idea

Looking for an alternative to the typical bar scene? Well, you can ditch that bar stool for a good laugh that hurts your tummy. We are talking about live comedy shows in Philadelphia. The main purpose of a comedy show is to make you laugh, right? Well, you may not even be knowing this, but this could be benefiting your health. Attending comedy shows has its own set of benefits, we are mentioning just a few of them. 

Improves sense of humor

What can you expect in a show full of a sense of humor? It affects your humor as well. You know humor can be learned. In fact, developing better humor is easier than you think. If you are continuously mocked by friends to improve your sense of humor, comedy shows are your ticket to refine your sense of humor. Start your classes from the source – comedian! Just look at them, how they manage to tease the whole crowd with such ease. They build funny jokes and fit them into any story to turn it funny. Just learn from them and you will improve eventually.   

Relieves stress and anxiety

Ah! One of the biggest advantages of comedy shows that most people of our generation desperately need. In a world full of anxiety and depression, the only thing we need is a source that can lift up our stress and anxiety, right? Well, consider these comedy shows a portal where you can escape from the reality of the world. Here, no stress can follow you, only if you pay attention. With time, you may have forgotten that laughter is the best medicine, but your body hasn’t. These shows give you a good laugh and laughing reduces stress hormones. 

Relax muscles

Our muscles work day and night even when we are asleep. You may not know but the stressful environment in the workplace affects your muscles as well. Our muscles hardly get any time to relax. If you want to give your muscles a break, go attend a comedy show. As you enjoy a good laugh, your oxygen level rises which reduces that built-up tension in your muscles. You know a single comedy show can leave your muscles feeling so relaxed. 

Socializing opportunity

Attending shows is the best chance to socialize and build relationships. You are here with new people who have common interests as you, it’s easy for you to pick a conversation or bond with your friends you came with. 

Help reduce blood pressure

They say “ laughter is the cheapest therapy” seems like it’s pretty true. Another amazing benefit of attending a comedy show in Philadelphia and having fun is that it can help you reduce blood pressure. 

Supports immunity

Again, another health benefit of laughing with your whole heart, it strengthens your immune system. You know stress can have bad effects on your health including your immunity. Having a good time on comedy shows takes away your stress leading to a better immune system. 

These are some reasons why you should attend comedy shows. 

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