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In the era when everything is online, hackers are taking over the networking world. They look out for devices having weak security standards and steal their personal information. In that scenario, changing the default password of the Wavlink extender should be your priority as it is known to everyone. In this post, we will shed light on the steps to change the default wifi wavlink com login password. So, read on.

Steps to Change Wavlink Extender Password

  • Power Up the Extender

First of all, insert the power adapter of your Wavlink extender into a power outlet and press the Power button. Wait for the extender to get powered up properly. However, if your extender is not getting a seamless power supply, consider plugging your Wavlink device into another wall outlet. You can also use a UPS in case your area suffers excessive power outages.

  • Connect Your WiFi Devices

Now, grab an Ethernet cable and use it to connect your Wavlink extender to the main router. Make sure that the connection is finger-tight. However, you can also use a wireless source in case you don’t have access to an Ethernet cable.

  • Open a Web Browser

The next step is to open a web browser. Therefore, switch on your PC once you are done connecting your Wavlink extender to the host router. Thereafter, load a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc. However, make sure that the web browser you are currently using is not accumulated with cache and cookies.

  • Access wifi.wavlink.com

Now, navigate the mouse cursor to the address bar of the web browser and type the default web address of the extender. But, make sure that there are no typing mistakes in the web address. Once you are confirmed that the web address entrée made by you is correct, press the Enter key. You will be taken to the login page of the extender.

  • Do Wavlink Extender Login

Once you reach the login page of the extender, type in the default password by referring to the user manual in the required field and click Login. Remember that the default login password of the Wavlink extender is case-sensitive. Thus, you should avoid making typing mistakes. Also, turn off the Caps Lock key on the keyboard.

  • Change the Password

The Wavlink extender dashboard will show up. Click the Setup option and locate the Login Password option. Once there, type in the new password you want your Wavlink extender to have. Thereafter, click Apply to bring changes into effect.

In this manner, you will be able to change the default password. In case you are unable to do so, consider reading the Wavlink extender troubleshooting tips discussed in the next section.

Fixed: Can’t Change Wavlink Login Password

  • The Ethernet cable used to connect your Wavlink extender is supposed to be free of cuts no matter what. In case it is not, consider replacing it with a new one.

  • While establishing a wireless connection, ensure that your WiFi devices are not placed at too much distance. Otherwise, both devices will struggle to communicate properly.

  • The web browser you have used to change the login password of your Wavlink range extender must be updated. Know that the outdated web browser won’t allow the extender login page to open sometimes.

  • You should not switch tabs while changing the extender’s password. Also, avoid switching off your Wavlink device amidst the process.

  • If you are unable to access the default web address of the extender, then try using the IP address. But, never enter the web or IP address into the search bar of the web browser.

Final Thoughts

This was all about how to change the default password via the Wavlink extender setup wizard. We hope that now your device is more secure than before. But, keep in mind to always use the updated password for future Wavlink logins.

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