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Planning to update the firmware of your Amped wireless extender? Well, you have to perform login for that. FYI, no setting of your extender can be accessed without doing Amped wireless extender login  But, do you know how to log in to Amped range extender? No? Then, what are we here for? Read this post and learn the complete instructions to perform login.

How to Perform Login?

Step 1st – Power Up the Extender

Start by powering up your Amped wireless range extender. So, plug your extender into a wall socket and press the Power button. But, you can’t select any random power socket for this purpose.

The socket selected by you must supply consistent power to your Amped WiFi extender. In other words, it must not be damaged from any point.

Step 2nd – Connect the Extender and Router

Now, you need to create a connection between your Amped wireless extender and router. You have two options available in hand – wired or wireless source. Using a wired source means an Ethernet cable is holding the extender-router connection. But, it shouldn’t be flipped or worn out. If it is, then you can proceed with a wireless source or use another Ethernet cable.

However, while using a wireless source, you must ensure that your devices are not placed too far. Otherwise, they won’t be able to communicate properly. Also, make sure that the distance between your devices is not zero. Or else, it might result in various issues while doing login.

Step 3rd – Access Amped Extender Login Page

Right after creating the extender-router connection, head over to your PC and switch it on. Thereafter, load a web browser like Google Chrome or Apple Safari. Know that plenty of options are available when it comes to selecting a web browser. But, the one you put to use ought to be updated.

Now, take the mouse cursor to the URL field of the browser and insert into it. You will soon get redirected to the Amped range extender login page.

Step 4th – Insert Amped Login Credentials

As soon as you see the login page of the Amped wireless range extender, you have to input the extender’s admin details (username and password). So, recall the admin username and password you’ve assigned to the Amped extender during the setup process and input them into their respective fields.

Now, cross-check the details entered by you and see if there are any typos in it or not. If not, then click the Login button. On the off chance, there are typos, mend your mistakes and complete the login process.

The moment you hit Login, you will be taken to the Amped wireless repeater setup  wizard. It means you have successfully performed the login process. Now, you are free to update the firmware of your extender and tweak other settings. But, it looks like you are still stuck with the login process. Let’s find out what you might have done wrong and how your mistake can be rectified.

Fixed: Can’t Perform Login

1st – Did You Use a Cache-free Browser?

Many users, in a hurry of logging in to their Amped wireless extenders forget that they have to use a cache-free web browser. Chances are that you followed their path. Thus without delaying a second, move to the settings section of your browser and delete cache, cookies, and browsing history.

2nd – Is Your PC Equipped with Antivirus?

Yes, we agree that antivirus software protects your PC from getting infected with viruses or malware. But, they can also prevent you from getting success with the Amped login process. Therefore, you need to temporarily disable antivirus software on your PC and see if you get success with the login process.

Final Words

That’s all about how to perform login and reach the Amped wireless setup wizard. It is expected that with the help of this post, you will be able to log in to your Amped extender with ease.

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