Impact Of Reading On Self-Development Of Kids


In the early stages of child growth, it is crucial to set some examples and instil good habits. The development of children is based on how parents mould and shape their behaviour in different situations. Teaching them how to behave and react in various circumstances is one of the most significant duties of parents as kids learn from their surroundings, their family members and peers. Reading is one of the best habits parents and educators must try to teach to their children. Reading is undeniably one of the best habits parents and educators can infuse into children.

Reading helps and stimulates the growth of an individual’s brain on a different level. Children develop a whole new level of understanding, it makes their minds more creative and active and expands their imagination. Reading redefines the interests and passions of children and helps them generate confidence and self-esteem. Reading has a great impact on children, it lets them think differently and helps with cognitive thinking. Parents need to pick up the right books, depending on the children’s interests and those that would help them grow and become independent. So why is it important to make reading a habit for children at an early age?

Importance Of Reading

The value of reading is understood by this generation’s children as they know how important it is to feel confident and have the ability to make the right decision.

  1. Informative- Books are the major source of perceiving information. Reading at an early age helps children understand things in a better way. The eagerness to read and learn new things must begin at home itself. Parents need to focus on the interests, likes and dislikes of their children so that they select the right type of books for them.
  2. Boosts confidence- Reading boosts the self-confidence of children. By reading different genres of books like self-help books, narrative, fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature and many more. Making kids read different books would help them find their interests and passions.
  3. Expands vocabulary- One of the major reasons children should read books is because it would help them expand their vocabulary. They learn new words which help them become independent and prompt them to search for their meaning.
  4. Gives a sense of the world around- While reading books, newspapers and magazines- children get a sense of the world around them, their surroundings and the environment. Parents should give their children the independence and freedom to read whatever they want as it would help them in the long run.
  5. Enhances imagination and creativity- By reading different genres of books, children’s imagination and creativity enhance. It helps them picture what they are reading which gives wings to their imagination and creativity. They create their own little world while reading which helps them imagine characters and scenarios.
  6. Writing skills- Reading improves the writing skills of children which helps them do better on the academic front. While working on their vocabulary, grammar and writing skills- children get better at different languages as well.

Reading helps children to be around their peers confidently and communicate with them on different topics. There are many after-school programs that help children of all age groups to be more creative, and independent and work on their academic and literacy skills. Kumon is one of the leading after-school programs that help children from all over the world to get better at their literacy and numeracy skills. We have a proper program where kids self learn with the help of colourful worksheets. Visit our website for more information.

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