I’m Unable to Access Comfast Extender IP Address. What to Do?


Unfortunately, I have been unable to load the Comfast extender admin webpage. I can’t access the default IP of my Comfast device. Why am I still having this problem after completing the Comfast setup correctly? In that case, maybe you did make a mistake during the Comfast range extender setup procedure if you’re having problems with the site not functioning.

Still, there’s no need to fret. A solution to this problem is certainly possible. In order to get access to the Comfast repeater IP without any difficulties, just go through the troubleshooting procedures provided in this post.

Comfast Extender IP Address Not Working [Fixed]

  • Use Correct Steps for Comfast Login

A lack of familiarity with the right methods to log into your range extender is likely to blame for your inability to access the default IP address. Here are the troubleshooting procedures you should take to get your WiFi equipment working again:

  1. Connect your WiFi extender to a wall socket through its power cord.

  1. Connect your Comfast range extender to your router via wire.

  1. Fire up your laptop’s web browser.

  1. Simply enter Comfast IP into your web browser.

  1. The Comfast extender sign-in screen will load when you press the Enter key.

  1. Please use the provided forms to enter the default administrator info.

  1. You may find the device’s default admin credentials in the Comfast documentation.

  1. There will be a return to the Home screen.

Adhering to the aforementioned steps should ensure that you successfully reach the default IP address and do Comfast login. If you’re still facing issues accessing the IP, continue reading to find a DIY solution.

  • Use the Appropriate IP

When did this occur, anyway? You tried logging in to the default IP address, but those solutions didn’t work, right? That’s probably because you skipped a step or two along the way. It’s possible that you mistyped the IP address of the range extender you were trying to access.

If you want to access the Comfast WiFi range extender’s configuration page, make sure you double-check the IP address you provide. Use caution while typing in the normal web IP. If possible, have a peek into the Comfast WiFi extender manual to know the correct IP address of your wireless device.

  • Use the Most Updated Web Browser

The default Comfast IP not functioning for you may also be due to the fact that you’re running an antiquated version of Internet Explorer. In order to access your Comfast WiFi extender, you need to upgrade your existing web browser.

In addition to upgrading your browser, you might try emptying its cache, cookies, and browsing history. You will have a greater chance of obtaining access to the extender if you follow these instructions. Alternately, you may test out your site in a different browser. It’s possible your troubles might be traced back to your browser.

  • Shift Your Comfast Extender

One of the numerous causes of the default Comfast IP address not functioning problem is the positioning of your Comfast extender, especially in close proximity to corners and solid walls. Therefore, avoid placing your extender near any sharp edges or walls.

Keep your WiFi range extender away from any items that might interfere with its signals, such as cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, baby monitors, microwaves, treadmills, and washing machines. Keep your extender away from any objects that might cause a reflection, such as mirrors or fish tanks.

Summing Up

If you still have problems after trying the aforementioned solutions, you could try rebooting your device. If that is also of no avail, consider resetting your WiFi equipment and setting up your Comfast extender from the beginning. After doing Comfast WiFi extender setup again, you’ll surely be able to fix the IP issue you were troubled by.

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