How To Successfully Sell Cotton Masks In Your Online Store


Selling maks has become a very profitable business since the outbreak of coronavirus. One cannot leave the house without a mask as it has become an essential part of living. So, if you are interested in adding wholesale cotton face masks to your store, here is a list of 5 tips on how to successfully sell cotton face masks in a little easy way. 

Make catalog appealing

The main strategy to sell masks is to create a fancy list. Unless it’s a recommended website, people hardly show up on pages that are not attractive at first sight. So, it is important that you make your column attractive enough to allure the customer to come and check out the cotton masks you are offering. Use good quality pictures of the cotton masks. 

Don’t make medical claims

When creating your listing, try and avoid making any medical claims. Your customers will believe that it will protect against coronavirus even when the mask doesn’t. Do not compare your mask with N95 features if it isn’t the same. This can make you land in big trouble. 

Be clear

When preparing a catalog for face masks in bulk, make sure that you are clear about what the customer is going to get on the list. Masks are a difficult product to sell because everyone has a different face shape and different preferences when it comes to fit. If you mention the details clearly in your description about what customers will receive, it will help reduce the possibility of negative reviews and return orders. Also, if you are clear about the estimated shipping time, customers won’t have to worry about their masks arriving late. They can order in advance if it is needed for a special occasion or is being given as a present. Neither will they show up in your Customer Care every other day? 

Design for everyone

To attract more and more customers, your store should have a suitable product for everyone. There should be an ideal variety of face masks for every age, gender, and personality. 

Highlight features

When a customer is looking up for face masks, it can be for two reasons, safety and fashion. In both cases, he or she will definitely want to know all the features of the mask. Very few people order from a website that does not have a clear product description. No customer likes the element of surprise as what will show up in their box when purchasing something. So, you as a seller should be very careful when preparing a description of a product. Highlight the feature to give a better idea of your product. Also, You should be clear about the estimated delivery time & price when preparing the product description. Many sellers who provide cash on delivery options add shipping into the price of the mask but if it isn’t there, customers will want to factor that in. 

Use these tips to easily sell cotton face masks in your store.

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