How to Fix – Victony WiFi Extender Keeps Rebooting


Rebooting – the first troubleshooting technique that strikes our mind whenever a device falls victim to any issue. But, isn’t it annoying when the rebooting of a Victony WiFi extender itself becomes a problem? Well, you need not band your head against the wall as we’re here to help you out. By the medium of this post, we would like to convey a few troubleshooting techniques that will help you to do away with constant reboots of your Victony WiFi extender. So, read on.

Fixed: Victony WiFi Extender Keeps Rebooting

  • Examine the Power Supply

Being an electrical device, a Victony WiFi extender needs a proper power supply. Without adequate electricity, you can’t even perform Victony WiFi extender setup with ease. So, check whether your Victony extender is receiving a sufficient power supply. For this, we recommend you check the power socket to which you have assigned the work of powering up the extender.

Is the power socket working fine? Is it damaged? If you’ve cast a vote on the second question, then you’ve successfully discovered the reason behind the problem. So, consider repairing the power socket. Don’t want to spend time repairing it? Well, you can unplug your extender right away and connect it to another wall socket offering fluctuation-free electricity.

  • Connect Networking Devices Properly

Still witnessing constant reboots of your Victony range extender? Well, it seems that the extender is not properly connected to the main router. Have you connected them using an Ethernet cable? No doubt it is the best source when it comes to connecting devices in the networking world, but it won’t be of any good if it possesses cuts. Therefore, you are required to tape it up. You can also go with the option of using another Ethernet cable.

Just in case you find wireless connections convenient and have connected your devices using a wireless source, we suggest you have a look at the distance separating them Is the distance accurate? Probably not. So, pull your devices closer. But, not so close that you end up creating a clash of their wireless signals.

  • Update the Firmware

Performing firmware updates is an essential process if you want your Victony extender to work well in every scenario. This is to inform you that if you keep your extender running on an out-of-date firmware version, there will be time delays in processing the information. Chances are that your extender even ceases to work. To do away with the issue, it is recommended that you update the firmware by accessing the Victony WiFi extender login page. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Victony firmware file.

  1. Type the Victony IP into the web browser and hit Enter.

  1. Do Victony login by putting the default admin details to use.

  1. Locate the Firmware Update option under the Management section of the extender.

  1. Once found, drop the firmware file you’ve just downloaded and wait.

Within a few minutes, the new firmware will start operating your Victony device. Once done, see to it whether the Victony extender still keeps rebooting. If it is, give a shot at the next troubleshooting technique.

  • Avoid Overheating

Electronic gadgets are known to generate heat while working. Considering that your Victony extender is a part of the same family, it follows the same rule. But, is it heating more than usual? If it is, then your extender needs attention. So, you need to ensure that your device does not overheat. For this, make sure that it is not exposed to a direct source of heat.

Keep your extender off when you are not using it. Also, make sure that it has been given a ventilated location in the house. However, you should not let the dust get accumulated over the extender’s air vents.

  • Relocate your Victony Extender

The Victony extender won’t be able to deliver its best if you haven’t placed it at an ideal location. The ideal location of your extender is one away from WiFi interference. So, you have to place your Victony extender in an area with minimal interference.

A minimal interference zone is an area that does not consist of Bluetooth gadgets, microwave ovens, televisions, baby monitors, mirrors, fish tanks, refrigerators, cellular phones, metal studs, etc. Besides, do not confine your extender to a corner.

The EndNote

We are ending this article with the hope that you will be able to get the Victony extender rebooting problem fixed after trying the above-discussed tactics. On the off chance, the stars are still not favoring you, take our advice and reset your extender to the default factory mode. But, you should set up the extender again with the help of the Victony WiFi extender manual in order to enjoy its services again.

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