How to Fix Slow Download Speed with Rockspace Extender?


If you are facing the slow downloading speed of Rockspace WiFi extender and wondering to know the reasons that caused this issue, then you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to tell you the best techniques so that you can enjoy the downloading speed of the Rockspace extender. So let’s start!

Before we start talking about the troubleshooting steps related to the issue, you should learn about the reasons so that you can properly understand the problem and will be able to fix it hassle-free.

Reasons: Rockspace Extender Slow Download Speed

Here, in this section, you are going to know the most common contributing factors that cause this issue. All the reasons are mentioned below so walk through them properly:

Poor Internet speed from ISP

Weak electricity supply

Usage of outdated and corrupted firmware

Broken Ethernet cable

Faulty power cable

WiFi interference

Wrong configuration of Rockspace extender

Now, you know all the random reasons that caused issue at hand with the Rockspace extender. Whatever the reasons are, you don’t need to fret. After all, we have suitable and effective solutions for you, which you can follow to fix the issue.

Fix: Rockspace Extender Slow Internet Speed

Below highlighted troubleshooting steps will assist you to fix the Rockspace extender slow internet speed. So, without any further ado, go through the hacks.

Hack: 1 Check the Power Supply

The foremost thing that you need to do is check the power source in which you plugged in your extender. The reason being, there is a possibility that the extender is not getting the proper supply from the wall outlet as a result you face an issue related to the internet. To tackle this issue, you need to cross-check the power cable and socket. To make sure the damage to the power cable as well as to the socket.

Hack: 2 Check Internet Connection

You can face this issue due to poor internet speed. Because some time from the end of the internet service provider internet working at a snail pace due to some reasons. So, we recommend you check the internet speed of your device first. If you found your internet at a glacial rate, then contact your internet service provider to fix the internet speed.

Hack: 3 Update Firmware

Usage of outdated firmware versions can also create internet issues in the extender services because old firmware does not support network functions and also corrupts internal files. Thus, users face the issues. If you want to tackle this problem, then you need to do one thing, update the firmware to its latest version so that it properly supports the networking features of the device and fixes the issue.

To do firmware update you need to access the Rockspace local default web address of the extender. Or you can also use the IP address in case you do not remember the URL. Once you access the web address, you will see the dashboard of the extender in which you need to perform further steps to update the firmware.

Hack: 4 Remove WiFi Interference

WiFi interference also could be the reason behind the Rockspace extender’s slow internet speed. The WiFi interference is generated by electronic gadgets like smart TV, microwave, washing machine, and Bluetooth speakers. These devices have electromagnetic waves that cause WiFi interference in the signal transmission. To avoid interruption between the networks, you need to change the placement of your extender. You need to place your extender away from the home appliances.

Hack: 5 Check Ethernet Cable

Check the Ethernet cable connection if you are using one, to make the connection between the extender and router. Sometimes users use damaged and faulty Ethernet cables which creates network issues. So, we recommend you check if you found any broken parts on the cable while checking, then change the Ethernet cable as soon as you can to fix the problem.

Hack: 6 Restart the Rockspace Extender

Reboot your extender. Maybe your extender is surrounded by technical glitches after all extender is also an electronic device and temporary hiccups in the device are common. So, by rebooting the extender you will remove the technical glitches and fix the issue.

Hack: 7 Reconfigure Extender

If you are still in the same situation and none of the above-mentioned hacks resolves this issue then you need to perform the Rockspace WiFi extender setup. There is a chance that you installed your extender in the wrong way or maybe miss the step of extender setup. So, re-install your extender ASAP to get the fast-blazing internet speed from the extender.


This is all about how you can fix the Rockspace wifi extender’s slow downloading speed. Possibly, after performing the aforementioned steps you will be able to fix the issue.

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