How to Choose Right Rockspace WiFi Extender


Struggling to find the right Rockspace WiFi extender? Can’t decide which range extender to buy? If you are scratching your head a lot, worry no more. We have a few key elements that you should look for in a Rockspace WiFi extender These are crucial to have a seamless internet connection after installing the range repeater.

Most things depend on what your pocket allows. So, if you seem dissatisfied with your options, consider increasing your budget. With that being said, let’s now explore what you must look for in a range extender. Read on.

Tips to Select Right WiFi Extender

Extender Speed

Extenders are installed to fill the voids where you don’t receive WiFi signals in your house. It is true. However, what is the point of having WiFi network coverage if the website is taking months to load? In short, what if the speed is low? Well, to counter that, you need a device offering more speed.

So, you should go for a dual or tri WiFi band device. If possible, don’t buy a Rockspace WiFi range extender lower than dual bands. You can change the WiFi bands when the speed is slow in remote corners of your house.

Area Coverage

It is one of the most crucial points when it comes to how to choose the right Rockspace WiFi extender. The area coverage has to be maximum. There must be any internet dead zones. Hence, you need to choose a WiFi extender that offers you maximum area coverage without compromising the speed.

You can improve the area coverage by your Rockspace WiFi extender by changing its placement. Hence, look up the area coverage before finalizing a range repeater.

Repeater Security

Security should be your major priority in today’s digital age. You must not compromise when it comes to securing your WiFi repeater. Thus, the next thing you need to look out for when buying a Rockspace WiFi extender is its different security features.

For instance, you get WEP, WPA2, and WPA3 security settings modes. Each will strengthen the layers of security of your device. You can change it by getting access to the Rockspace setup page.


As much as security is crucial, you cannot overlook the compatibility of the chosen device. It means your WiFi range extender should be compatible with most host routers. Otherwise, you can’t utilize it to extender the WiFi network offered by your host router.

So, run a quick glance at some of the compatibility features of your Rockspace WiFi extender. If there is any special requirement, you need to ensure that it does not hamper your overall experience.

Available Ports

Ports are indeed crucial to connect your device to other devices that does not support wireless connectivity. For instance, if your host router does not offer wireless connectivity option, you can always link the devices using an Ethernet cable.

So, you must ensure that your chosen extender has multiple ports to connect more than one device at the same time. Otherwise, it would be a lot harder to process information on multiple devices that can’t connect without a wire.


One of the most crucial elements that play a vital role is your budget. No matter what you explore, you have to stick with your budget. Otherwise, you might have to experience a tight budget for other expenses in your life.

We suggest you to be in your limits when it comes to spending money on Rockspace WiFi extender. So, before shopping, you need to set a budget for your current need.


We hope all the points have helped you come to a conclusion when it comes to buying a rockspace WiFi extender. Once you have it, get access to re rockspace local page and complete the extender setup. After that, you can easily stay connected to the world from your comfort zone.

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