How Teachers Should Use Technology to Transform Education?

How Teachers Should Use Technology to Transform Education?

Teaching pedagogies and use of technology are interrelated in modern times. Teachers are using technical approaches for transforming the education system like never before. The contemporary needs of teaching and learning demands innovative modes unlike previous times when one traditional teaching approach was used to apply on all learners without discerning any difference between their requirement. Now, the teaching methods are adopted as per the need and sometime they are being adapted to mold according to the necessity of current times. In this process of transforming the teaching-learning methodology, technology plays a great role. Technical and modern ways of teaching have brought significant and prominent fruitful changes to transform education in a positive way.

Use of LMS:

Recent pandemic caused a number of changes and particular selection of different teaching approaches due to its situation to facilitate the teachers and students and to transform education for betterment. When students were unable to attend the school on a regular basis, there were several teaching and learning tools being introduced to continue the process and prevent any interruption. Although LMS (learning management system) is not a new thing, but a number of students as well as teachers got introduced to it for the very first time during Covid-19. In academia, LMS is a system of learning and managing the academic tasks including lectures, attendance, assessments, results, courses and much more.

You can upload your lecture on LMS and have the assessments from the students. The assessments are in different forms such as assignments and quizzes etc. Different types of course material can be uploaded on LMS such as slides, notes, audio and video files, etc. when students upload their assessments online, teachers can check those assessments on LMS. For objective quizzes, there is an option of automatically check multiple choice questions by putting the correct answer while making the quiz. So, it makes things easy for the students to attempt the quiz and for the teachers to check it in no time.

Other than the critical situations like Covid-19, teachers should use this learning management system to keep a track of their teaching modes, assessments and results of the students. This is an easy way that allows the teachers to go through everything about their student in a single take. Even attendance sheets can be managed in different forms and results can be uploaded on it, instead of telling it to each individual student about their score.

In this system, you can transform education and the aspects related to it with modern ways. It enables a teacher to keep a record of his or her students online and they can have an easy access to that record by being anywhere. This way, technology provides the educators as well as learners with ease and feasibility to go through their performance.

Use of Technical Gadgets in Classroom for an Effective Learning:

Use of technical gadgets makes things easy to comprehend when it comes to seek modern and smart ways of learning and teaching. These days, there is a need to cope with modern issues of teaching and learning with modern solutions. Laptops and tablets in institutes make it easy for the learners to take a hand on exploring various techniques and modes to answer a question and solve a problem in multiple and creative ways.

Students can be asked to brainstorm over a questions and find out different approaches regarding the concern. They can be assigned either individual tasks or they can be divided into groups in order to inject the sense of team working and collaborating with other fellows. You can monitor the performance of your students and keep a check and balance on what they are searching there.

Documentaries and Short Clips for Learning:

Told by a dissertation help firm, it is human nature that we all are more inclined towards knowing about a thing and taking interest in exploring its multidimensional modes when we see a video rather than reading about it. These days, documentaries and short videos make it easy to give your students assignment or a task to present something in the class after watching a documentary or a story. This way, students take more interest in a topic, hence proving it that human brain is more inclined towards interesting side of a picture rather cramming boring things. Being a teacher, you can clear the image of boring study by replacing it with interesting learning activities to transform education and getting more of its benefits in a healthier way.


Zoom is an online platform that facilities the teachers as well as learners for having an online meeting. Being an instructor even if you are on leave or want to have some extra coaching classes for your students to discuss something later, after the class, Zoom makes it possible for you. You can easily arrange an online class and control its activities. Zoom allows to handle and have a control over all participants’ voices interrupting actions because the person who starts Zoom meeting, have a control over there.

You can manage your lectures and discuss different things to your students regarding a particular topic by sharing your screen. This way, you can have an interaction with your students even if you both are not physically present and meet in real life. To transform education and make things easy for both, teachers and students, a lot of online platforms facilitate for easy learning and teaching modes.


Multimedia is one of the most convenient methods in a classroom. Multimedia allows you to show the slides or any form of lecture as well as to present anything by turning on the volume. You can show your lecture on the multimedia if your class is big and white board is not visible till the end. Else, you can show a video or presentation related to your topic. Same is the case with the students, they can give presentations and discuss their ideas through multimedia in a simple and easy manner.


There are numerous ways of using technology for betterment of teaching and learning experience. Being a teacher, you just have to focus on selecting the right mode to transform education as well as to adopt the innovative approaches that add interest of your students in your teaching methodology and the topic itself.

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