Extender Connection Is Weak With Router


Are you facing issues with the extender connection? Because the signals might be weak. Many users are facing the same issue every day. No worries, as we are having a lot of tips to resolve the issues regarding linksys extender not working.

ExtraVagant Benefits OF Linksys Range Extender

By placing a range extender, the dead spots will emit easily. You can clearly see the difference.

Router and Extender Should Be Near

The router and extender need to be kept near each other. As there are a number of users that share the same networks. There can be a lot of mess in the signals if your router and extender are far away from each other. There can be no internet as a result.

Form Connection With Ethernet Cable 

If you are unable to form any connection no need to worry, as sometimes a broken ethernet wire must be the reason behind and causing the issue. Check whether your  wires are well connected from back and forming a good connection. In addition, the wires are not chapped and broken from the middle.

Wireless Router Placement Some Best Locations

  • To begin with, always make sure to place the router at a centric location.
  • To avoid interface, dont keep the router in places like kitchen
  • Ensure the antennas should be placed well..
  • Dont keep the router behind the walls to avoid disturbance.
  • Always make a one hand distance before placing besides the electronic items.
  • Consequently never place the router on the floor.
  • Fish pots may also cause heavy disturbance so keep it away as well, the Aquariums 

 Note: Now that we have given a number of tips but you are still not able fix the internet issues then, you can definitely fix it with Setup. Or just try fixing it with setting up the extender. 

Factory Reset To Login ID 

You have to use a factory reset option, if your repeater is frequently disconnecting, although if you have forgotten the WiFi login ID and password but want to access the extender setting while using the access point.You must follow the below steps.

  • In addition, you can change it while accessing the router, if you have forgotten the password and the user ID name. However, you can change by using a hard reset method.
  • If the factory reset method does not prove to be a helpful method, then you can login into the portal of Linksys extender login. And easily change the settings.

The Extender Need to Reset WPS

We can use the WPS button method for an easy Extender Setup, but the condition is that both devices should have a WPS button. What we have to do Is press the WPS button on both the devices, and press at the same time. 

Extender Setup Hacks will make Connection Better 

  • However, if you are not able to connect to the WPS button, as the WPS button is disable on the default ISP gateway. Check whether it is able to configure see, as it has configured the extender setup, in addition.
  • Ensure locating the extender and wireless router approximately at a closer distance. Otherwise the network quality won’t be consistent. Keep the meter away from the router to make it work properly. 
  • The AP Setup is a Wired Connection, which is connected with the ethernet cable to form a connection.

Be assured to keep these tips in mind while installing the router. Because it seems so simple but when there is an issue in slow internet these small things even matter a lot.

How to Reset The Router.

When your router is not working properly then you need to reset the device by pressing the Reset button behind the router. As that button is not more than a dot size. As a result you need to take a needle or a pin which can properly press the button.

While you insert the needle keep in mind to press it for 8-10 seconds. After a while an orange light will start blinking which denotes the device is in a slight connection. And when it gets blue it means it has made a connection and is working properly.


We hope the tips given in the article are enough to resolve your issues regarding the connectivity issues of the extender. As we have given a number of tips on the linksys velop setup. So hopefully you may not be facing the connectivity issue of the extender.

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