Definitive Guide to Install Wavlink Extender Using WPS Method


If you’ve gotten a Wavlink wireless range extender, you may be seeking for instructions on how to install it. If so, first and foremost, applaud yourself for landing on the correct website. To clarify, the Wavlink wireless setup process can be accomplished either manually or through the WPS technique. The manual method requires a computer to access and an Ethernet cable to get your device up and running, but the WPS technique has quite different requirements. You won’t need a desktop or an Ethernet cable to set up the extender. As a result, it is considered as the most unsophisticated way. This guide will take you through the Wavlink installation procedure using the WPS approach. So keep reading.

Wavlink Setup using WPS Method – Basic Needs

  • A Router – Ensure that your home wireless router is correctly configured and that it is using the most recent firmware version. If it does not meet any of these standards, make the necessary changes and then continue with the Wavlink extender setup process.

  • Power outlet – A power outlet is also necessary to complete the Wavlink setup process. Ensure that you have access to a wall socket. It is supposed to be offering proper electricity.

Now that you’re aware of the criteria for the Wavlink wireless range extender setup procedure, let us lead you through the steps to complete it.

Steps to Perform Wavlink Setup via WPS Method

  1. Unbox the Extender

Take the plunge with the unpacking of your Wavlink range extender. Take the extender unit and its attachments out of the box for this. The unpacking of the extender must be done properly so that no fragile accessory of the range extender is harmed. The extender’s components include an RJ45 Ethernet cable, antennae, and a user handbook.

You can also find a power adapter with your Wavlink range extender in some cases. Thus, make sure to make its use if you get it.

  1. Position the Extender Near the Router

Consider organizing your extender’s hardware once it has been entirely unboxed. That is, connect the extender’s antennae and power cord to their corresponding locations. After that, you must give your Wavlink range extender some spot near the host router. Try to place your WiFi devices in the same room. However, they shouldn’t be sharing the same base. It will assist you in avoiding problems throughout the Wavlink WiFi extender setup process.

  1. Turn on the Extender

The very next step in configuring a Wavlink extender using WPS is to turn it on. Consider connecting your Wavlink range extender’s power wire to an electrical outlet. If your Wavlink device has a plug-and-play modular design, try connecting it straight into a power outlet. After that, press the Power button.

  1. Press the WPS Button

Has the power light on your extender been more stable? That’s great news. Now turn on your router as well. After that, seek for the WPS button on your Wavlink range extender. Did you discover it? Great! You’re doing an excellent job. With extreme caution, press the WPS button. Now, without further ado, proceed to your host router and select the WPS button. When it is discovered, press it. The Wavlink range extender setup process will be done in a matter of minutes.

You have now successfully finished the Wavlink setup using the WPS technique. If you get stuck in the middle of the procedure, make sure that the distance between your Wavlink extender and the primary router is exact enough that neither of you suffers from no communication or miscommunication between them. No communication can occur if the devices are located too far apart, however misunderstanding can occur if their WiFi signals collide owing to a zero distance.

Final Thoughts

This was everything about how to set up the Wavlink wireless range extender successfully using the WPS technique without accessing the ap.setup Wavlink login page. We hope you liked reading this guide and installing your range extender. However, keep in mind that you must then grant your extender the admin password and username. To do so, use a web browser to enter the Wavlink wireless login page and adjust the extender’s settings as desired.

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