Comfast Extender Keeps Rebooting – Troubleshooting Guide


Many netizens out there opt to set up Comfast WiFi extenders in their houses to build a strong WiFi network. Despite their amazing features, Comfast range extenders are also prone to numerous issues. These issues can make anyone’s life hell. One such issue is the Comfast WiFi repeater  keeps rebooting. Are you also having a hard time with your extender due to the same problem? If you’re nodding your head in yes, then refer to the troubleshooting tips mentioned below. They’ll surely help you fix random reboots of your Comfast extender.

Fixed – Comfast Extender Keeps Rebooting

  1. Check the Power Socket

Is the power socket all OK from which your Comfast range extender is getting electricity? Not sure? Well, check it right now. If the wall socket you are using is damaged, then it’s quite obvious to face the Comfast extender keeps rebooting issue.

Therefore, we advise you to get the power socket repaired or use another one to supply electricity to your range extender. Just in case the power socket is not the reason behind the issue, give a read to the next hack.

  1. Bring the Extender and Router Closer

Another common reason behind witnessing random reboots of the Comfast WiFi extender is the inappropriateness of the distance between WiFi devices. By devices, we are referring to your Comfast range extender and the main router.

So, check whether your devices are placed at an optimal distance or not. FYI, the distance between your WiFi devices must be so accurate neither their WiFi signals clash nor they struggle to propagate their signals. Know that an inappropriate distance can also result in Comfast login  issues.

  1. Update the Firmware

Sometimes, your Comfast WiFi extender is in a dire need of a firmware update. You might be knowing that the firmware of your extender governs its hardware and software. From time to time, Comfast introduces a new firmware version for its extenders. It is done so that new features can be introduced to the device.

Perhaps, your Comfast extender lacks those new features. Therefore, without wasting any time, get the Comfast firmware updated. You can do it by accessing the IP address of the range extender. However, do not make the mistake of uploading the wrong firmware file on your extender. It might be harmful to the entire home network.

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

What’s the physical condition of the Ethernet cable connecting your Comfast extender and the main router? Did not you replace it after completing the Comfast setup process? Well, it looks like you don’t due to which it got stiffened and flipped from some points.

If that is the case, then take our suggestion and replace the Ethernet cable you are currently using with a brand new one. But, make sure to establish a firm connection. Else, you’ll keep facing the issue.

  1. Reset the Extender

What happened? Are you still experiencing constant reboots of your Comfast wireless extender? Well, it seems that your range extender is not configured properly. Thus, you need to set it up accurately.

However, before you hop up to the setup process, consider resetting your Comfast wireless extender. Doing so will erase all the customized settings from the WiFi extender and make it brand new. Thus, without any delay, press the Reset button located on the hardware of your extender. Once done, configure your Comfast extender from scratch.

The Bottom Line

Once you perform Comfast WiFi extender setup  from scratch after resetting it, check whether the rebooting issue has been resolved. Is it still there? No? Well, then you did excellent troubleshooting. How was your experience of resolving the issue? Share your thoughts via the comment section.

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