Can’t Perform Setup? Here’s the Fix!


If you’ve just purchased a Wavlink wireless range extender and are unable to complete the setup, then this post has been particularly penned down for you. Here, we’ve tried to cover all the troubleshooting techniques that might be helpful for you in getting success with the Wavlink WiFi extender setup process via Read on.

Fixed: Can’t Perform Setup

  • Pay Attention to the Power Supply

No troubleshooting technique will be effective if your Wavlink range extender is not fetching the correct amount of electricity from its corresponding wall socket. So, check if the power socket is supplying enough power to your extender or not. If not, then it might have happened due to two cases.

  1. You have put a damaged wall socket to use for the purpose of powering up your device.

  1. Your area doesn’t receive the proper power supply from the backend. In other words, there are sudden power outages in your area.

So, take necessary actions in accordance with the aforementioned cases, and see whether you get success with the setup process.

  • Make the Extender-Router Connection Strong

Chances are that the setup success hasn’t knocked at your door because you are using a weak extender-router connection. Do you know why it happened? For your information, it varies depending on the source of connection used.

  1. Wired Source: Wired source means an Ethernet cable. However, it is the most trusted source when it comes to connecting two networking devices, still, you can’t rely on a damaged one. Thus, if you are using a damaged cable, replace it with a new one.

  1. Wireless Source: If you have employed a wireless source for connecting your devices, then you ought to pay special attention to the distance separating them. It must be so appropriate that it facilitates proper communication and prevent a clash of WiFi signals at the same time.

  • Take care of Default Entries

The default entries matter a lot when it comes to completing the wifi, setup process without any hassle. These include the Wavlink login password and the default web URL (extender’s domain name). Here’s what you should consider while entering them:

  1. Web URL: The web URL acts as a gateway to go to the Wavlink WiFi extender login window. Therefore, it must be entered without any typing errors at all costs. Additionally, never let the thought of using the browser’s search bar occupy your mind.

  1. Default Password: Like the default web address entree, the password also abides by the rule of no typing errors. Thus, you should enter it very carefully. To play safe, keep the Caps Lock key on the keyboard off.

After mending the mistakes made in the default entries (if committed), try to do wifi, setup. Any luck this time?

  • Never Use Outdated Web Browser

Yes, plenty of options are available when it comes to picking up a web browser for completing the setup process. But, is the one you are using running on the latest beta? It seems that it is not. Without any delay, update the web browser you are using.

Apart from installing the latest version, clear the clutter from the web browser. By the term clutter we are pointing toward the browser’s unnecessary files.

  • Reboot the Extender

Like other networking devices, a Wavlink range extender is also a technical device. It means it is vulnerable to technical glitches too. For your knowledge, technical glitches can force you to face major issues. Thus, reboot your Wavlink extender before that happens. Relax! Rebooting is just a 3-step process. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Power Off: Switch off your Wavlink extender by pressing the Power button.

  1. Rest: Wait for as long as you can and let your extender take its time.

  1. Power On: Time to power up the range extender. So, press the Power button.

As soon as you are done with the rebooting process, try to do the Wavlink setup process. This time you will absolutely be able make your device operating.


With all things considered, it can be concluded that a lot of factors mess up with the setup process. Considering that you were one of the users facing Wavlink extender setup issues, the post was written.

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