Buying Guide of Designer Jewelry for a Bespoke Experience

Buying Guide of Designer Jewelry for a Bespoke Experience

A custom-made piece of jewelry is meant for complementing your loved ones with a personalized experience. Usually, we don’t waste time in ordering something unique because already countless tempting designs of rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. are available in the jewelry stores. If your loved ones are expecting something unique, we recommend approaching designer jewelry stores. Buying custom jewelry is not a difficult task but it involves the risk of a huge amount spent. Therefore, making a wise investment becomes crucial. A typical designer jewelry store will ask you to follow these simple steps:- 

  • Visit the online or local store to check their recent designs. It will give you an insight into their proficiency. 
  • Contact the customer support representative online or salesperson in the local store to tell your expectations. 
  • After understanding what you need, they will provide options in different metals and stones. 
  • Once you coordinate the expectations with the available budget, finalize the design. 
  • Before making a final payment, the designers will confirm that your expected purpose has been served without any dissatisfactory experience. 

These steps seem easy to follow but knowing the quality parameters is also a big concern. Without adequate knowledge, your hunt for designer jewelry may end at something weird or out of budget. Read some useful tips to avoid these situations:- 

  1. Finalize metal and stone type

The metal and stone you are selecting for designer ornaments such as a good luck necklace or friendship bracelet decide the final bill. Therefore, choose these components wisely according to the budget. In metals, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and silver are the most popular options. Their value substantially varies on the basis of carats. 

While selecting stones, pay attention to the naturally obtained and artificially made crystals. The cost of a lab-created diamond or other gems will be ma granny lower than natural stones. Also, colors decide the rarity of natural stones. 

  1. Consider the certifications seriously

Whether it is a stone or metal, always consider certification seriously. For instance, gold metal is certified by Hallmark. Similarly, GIA, AGS, and HRD are credible certification proofs for precious and semi-precious stones. 

  1. Calculate and compare the making charges

Don’t forget to calculate the making charges separately while discussing with a jeweler regarding custom designs. Compare the making charges of all jewelry stores offering custom-made ornaments. It will give you an average price idea. 

Designer jewelry is a great option to choose when you are buying it for special occasions like engagements or weddings. Therefore, investing some time in customization recommendations will be definitely worthwhile!

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