10 Up-and-Coming Trends in Pakistani Designer Clothes

10 Up-and-Coming Trends in Pakistani Designer Clothes

Pakistani designer clothes are famed for their stunning details and eye-catching colours. Trends come and go and the beauty of fashion lies in channelling and expressing creativity to put new looks together. If you love fashion, and you’re looking to update and refresh your wardrobe, here are ten up and coming trends to watch out for.

Top trends in Pakistani designer clothing

For the fashion-forward, here are 10 top trends to try today:

1.   Bold colours

The sun is shining and what better excuse to brighten up your wardrobe and inject some bold, vibrant colours? New collections and online galleries are packed with images of audacious tones and striking colours, including shades of pink, yellow, green, blue and purple. From fuchsia and canary yellow to lime and turquoise, there’s scope to expand your palette and experiment with every colour in the rainbow.

2.   Flowing, floaty styles

In the heat of the summer, there’s nothing more important than being comfortable. The good news is that Pakistani designer clothes recognises the importance of ticking both the style and comfort boxes. Floaty, flowing, lightweight gowns and shirts will keep you cool while ensuring you look chic for every occasion. Add a feminine touch to your wardrobe or channel a laid-back Boho vibe with full-length pieces or soft, delicate layers.

3.   Medium-length shirts

Medium-length shirts are all the rage in 2021 and this is fabulous news for fans of functional fashion, as well as those who love to dress up to the nines. This is an incredibly versatile style, which suits all body shapes.

4.   Cigarette pants

Cigarette pants are a wardrobe staple this year. This flattering style is always on-trend and there is scope to create all kinds of looks using the same pieces. Dress up or down, add layers and switch accessories to cater to every occasion.

5.   Pastels

Pastels are everywhere at the moment. For those who prefer more subtle colours and shoppers looking for beautiful, feminine, delicate pieces, pastels are ideal. From pale pinks and duck-egg blues to muted shades of lemon and lilac, Pakistani designers have created some truly stunning pieces for summer.

6.   Summer metallics

We usually associate metallics with winter and festivals but this summer, there is an abundance of designer pieces that feature flashes of sparkle and glistening details. Look out for occasion wear that boasts sequins and beading, gold and silver thread and patterns that showcase shades of bronze, copper, rose gold and gold.

7.   Frills and ruffles

Frills and ruffles elevate simple, understated pieces in an instant. From shoulder detailing to pretty hems and quirky sleeves, adding a ruffle or a frill adds a feminine focal point.

8.   Shoulder details

This year, the shoulders are in the spotlight. Many designers are using distinctive details, shapes and colours and prints to draw attention to the shoulders and create unique pieces that add a contemporary twist to even the most classic designs.

9.   Statement accessories

Putting fabulous outfits together is not always about choosing the right items of clothing. This year, make it your mission to use accessories to add serious style and customise looks to produce a range of stunning ensembles. From colour pop bags and ornate drop earrings to statement collars, you can make a splash with the right finishing touches.

10.  Trapeze styles

Trapeze styles are perfect for summer and they can be dressed up or down for every occasion. Easy to wear yet glamorous, they are ideal for special occasions as well as everyday wear.


There are some spectacular new trends hitting the headlines. If you’re on the hunt for new additions to your wardrobe, why not embrace some new ideas and freshen up your style for summer? Take a look at the stunning collections of Pakistani designer clothes available at Studio by TCS.

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